The FEP Affiliate Program: Frequently Asked Questions
Q  Isn't this a very complicated way to keep working with a former employee?
The FEP Affiliate Program is very fast and easy to implement. It is also very flexible. We will design a relationship to fit your specific needs. The centerpiece of the program, your ability to continue working with your former staff member as an independent contractor, must be implemented correctly to work.
Q  You emphasize LEGITIMATE independent contractor, why?
Any independent contractor or consultant must be in business for themselves and pass a variety of Federal criteria otherwise they are temporary employees. Temporary employees, no matter what you call them, are entitled to company benefits. Our Program is designed to ensure that the people you hire are LEGITIMATE independent contractors.
Q  What are the potential problems with independent contractors?
Up until a few years ago a lot of people were hired as independent contractors to work on various projects but weren't put on payroll. The company saved a lot of money by not paying employment taxes, sick and vacation days, overtime, insurance or other benefits. The problem arose when the government audited theses companies and reclassified the contractors as employees who were entitled to back pay and benefits. The federal government has very clear rules and tests as to what constitutes an employee versus an independent contractor. The FEP Affiliate Program is designed to insure that your former employees become independent contractors as defined by the federal Government and thus will not be entitled to wages or benefits. We believe this feature alone justifies your participation in the program.
Q  Why can't I do this myself?
As a corporate citizen you have a fiduciary responsibility to contract only with legitimate enterprises. Additionally, you must maintain an arms length relationship between your company and your former employee. Our Affiliate Program fulfills these responsibilities.
Q Why do you seem to place a lot of emphasis on training?
Changing from a staff job to being self-employed is a radical lifestyle change. It requires a new mindset for your former employee to succeed. The tutorial, The FEP Independent Contractors Handbook and ongoing consultation are all designed to provide the necessary tool set for success.
Q  How is the FEP Independent Contractor Handbook different from all the others?
The FEP Independent Contractor Handbook is written specifically for the meeting industry. It combines and condenses the hundreds of pages in self-help books with thirty years of real life experience into an easy-to-use roadmap. Industry specific issues are addressed as well as sample contracts provided. Our Affiliate Program supplements this information with phone consultations ensuring a smooth transition to being self employeed.
Q  What qualifies FEP, Inc. as an expert on self employment?
Tony Korody, president of FEP, Inc. started his career as a freelance photographer for national publications. He went on to co-found Image Stream, a successful multi-media company that was ranked in The INC 500 for 3 consecutive years before turning his talents to meeting management. For over 30 years he has helped, mentored and counseled literally hundreds of freelancers. He is considered an expert on the subject and is a frequent lecturer at various industry events.
Q  Do I have to sign up all of my staff?
No, it's completely up to you whom you want to continue working with on a freelance basis. Please keep in mind that being an independent contractor is not for everyone. Some of your former employees may choose not to participate.
Q  Why register my remaining meetings?
Since you will no longer have staff to keep track of your contractual obligations, FEP has developed a database that will keep track of all of the various deadlines. We will e-mail a reminder to both you and the assigned meeting planner a week in advance. This will provide you with essential checks and balances as your program progresses to a successful conclusion.
Q  You mention true cost accounting. What is it?
True cost accounting is a method to assign your total meeting costs back to the meeting's sponsor. By using an outsource solution for your meetings you receive a single bill for each event. This enables you to charge back all costs, including your planner, to the department that requested the meeting. As you no longer have any overhead (salary, office space, phone, benefits, payroll taxes etc.) you can derive the real cost of your meetings.
Q  I'm already an independent planner. Can I become an Affiliate?
Yes. We believe that our programs will provide a great deal of value to the independent meeting planner, especially the Affiliate Independent Contractor Program. FEP, Inc. is the only meeting management company (that we know of) who is willing to share its resources and provide much needed support to the independent planner. And yes Visa and MasterCard are accepted (we all have to keep earning those miles).


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