The FEP Planner Affiliate Program
The FEP Planner Affiliate Program is the solution if you have been recently laid off from a corporate meeting department. Now you have the opportunity to freelance without investing the time and money in establishing your own organization.

Your Former Boss is your Client

By affiliating with FEP, Inc, you can seamlessly continue working with your former employer on meeting programs that depend on your knowledge and skills. You gain the backend organization to succeed in your new role as an independent planner.

FEP, Inc. will provide the structure and back office support necessary for you to be successful during this difficult transition period. Once you are established as an independent planner you can choose to continue being an Affiliate or seek fame and fortune on your own.

How We Do It
The FEP Planner Affiliate Program is flexible. It's designed to be quickly implemented with a minimum of paperwork while providing you with the necessary tools to be an independent business person. The Program is also designed to help you build a long-term relationship with your former employer as it looks towards a permanent outsource solution. At all times it is you, the Affiliate planner, who maintains and builds the relationship.

A key benefit of the FEP Planner Affiliate Program is that you can draw on the resources of an established meeting management organization. Outsourced meetings are cost effective but also require a great deal of back end support. By becoming an Affiliate you are able to take advantage of FEP, Inc. staff of meeting planners, graphic artists and web designers as well as our national account status with hotels, premium houses, airlines and AV suppliers to further increase your savings. FEP, Inc. can provide bookkeeping, billing, contracting, payroll and registration services as well as offer insurance coverage and music licensing.

FEP, Inc Capabilities and Services You Can Use
Established 23 year old California Corporation
Eighteen years devoted to the meeting management business
Our staff has over 100 years of meeting experience
Three CMP's on staff available to help with your programs
Staff general session/ audio-visual specialist available
Established network of Freelance Planners
Established network of Program Directors
In-house graphics and Web design
Complete back office support
Flexible cost accounting adaptable to your specific needs
Liability insurance available
Legal counsel on retainer
Full music licensing with ASCAP and BMI

Program details


Program details

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