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The Independent Contractor Affiliate Program gives you complete business support services without requiring an investment in your own organization. The ideal solution for independent planners who are ready to expand, but are baffled by the details of running a business.
The Independent Planner Affiliate Program gives you the tools and resources you need to be a successful small business person. Your former boss can become your client.


Step by step instruction on becoming an independent    contractor
Tutorials on being an independent business person

Two hours consultation on business issues specific to self-
The FEP Independent Contractors Handbook
    Step by step outline to set up your business
    Information on taxes, license and insurance
    Create an identity with the FEP Affiliate logo
    Learn how to calculate your fee
    Learn about cash flow and financing
    Receive sample contracts and much more

Optional Services
Liability insurance
Back office support
Contract negotiation
Legal counsel and CPA services


All the benefits of the Independent Planner Affiliate Program to    get you started in the right direction
Contracting with your clients
Client Invoicing
Vendor Payments
All Federal paperwork completed; yearly 1099's
Liability Insurance Coverage
Project Accounting
Unlimited consultation
Access to all FEP, Inc. resources
10% discount off of FEP, Inc. published service rates

Optional Services
Back office support
ASCAP and BMI music licensing and reporting
Contract negotiation
Legal counsel and CPA services

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